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WATERMARK FARMS is 313+ acres of Class 2 and 3 soils with 8/10ths of a mile of Sacramento River water frontage. With beautiful river views, the land borders West Sacramento city limits, just 10 minutes south of Highway 50.  It is within the sphere of influence of the city, greatly increasing the potential value in agricultural mitigation.

Watermark was named for its excellent water quality, and the water supply from the Sacramento River is upstream from SRCSD’s effluent. There is a combination of high-priority surface water rights to the Sacramento River and onsite well.  The provenance of ownership includes early 1900’s possession by Joseph H. Glide, his descendent J. H. Glide, then eventually to Mary Glide Goethe, who married Charles M. Goethe, bringing together two prominent families who called this their ranch.

Watermark’s acres appear ready for development to permanent plantings, and currently some acres are in winter grain, having been watermelons, sweet corn and pumpkins in the previous season.  Five acres are organic-ready for certification and strategically located for well access and roadside accessibility. — Great for expanding farming operations in Yolo or Sacramento Counties.

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Watermark Farms - Yolo County

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