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Natural Resources Group, Inc.

Forest Halford is the Chief Operating Officer of Natural Resources Group, Inc., and has over 25 years of professional experience in the environmental, agriculture, and real estate industries. Forest assists clients with leasehold management and lease valuation, represents buyers and sellers in property purchase and sale, and advises investment funds, corporations, university endowments, private landowners, renewable energy companies, and mitigation banking entrepreneurs on a wide range of real estate matters. In addition to a comprehensive evaluation of the land itself, Forest has over 18 years of experience reviewing title condition and exceptions, and has solved complex encumbrances on title that severely restricted the rights of the fee title owner.

Tim McIsaac is Chief Executive Officer of Natural Resources Group, Inc., overseeing the day-to-day activities of the company. Tim provides management and investment services to investors, institutions, agencies and absentee landowners in California and the Western States. Tim is directly responsible for  the management of irrigated ground, almonds, walnuts and rangeland from the Oregon - California  border to Kern County. Tim oversees managed properties and supervises the farming practices for custom and owner operated farms as well as farming practices of tenants on leased farms. Tim is responsible for coordination with the Farm Service Agency, Bureau of Reclamation, Department of Water Resources, and individual irrigation districts as they pertain to properties under management and assists on issues which may arise on properties companywide as well as the environmental concerns and compliance for all the company properties.

Executive Team

Skip Moss is the Chief Strategic Officer for Natural Resources Group, Inc. He is a professional biologist with over thirteen years of experience in the field of mitigation planning and development, land management and ecological consulting. Skip has entitled over twenty separate conservation banks and custom mitigation projects, resulting in the permanent protection of over 18,000 acres of endangered species and wetland habitat. Skip has worked extensively with project proponents in the energy and transmission sectors, real estate development sector, transportation sector and military to develop mitigation projects that help clients fulfill permit requirements or build value on existing land holdings. Skip has broad expertise in both the development of conservation easements between private landowners and non-profit groups and in the calculation of endowments for the perpetual management of habitat preserves.

Cork McIsaac is the Chief Financial Officer for Natural Resources Group, Inc. Cork provides management, consulting and investment services to investors, institutions, agencies, and landowners with a focus on maximizing returns in a manner that maintains long-term sustainable productivity of the agricultural asset. Cork is directly responsible for overseeing the management of over 95,000 acres of farmland throughout the Central Valley, providing regular communication with owners to review the farming operations to ensure the farm asset is meeting short and long term economic goals. Cork reviews and confirms that farms are in compliance with all Federal and State governmental programs and regulations, such as the California RWQCB agricultural drain water discharge program and Farm Service Agency reporting.