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Natural Resources Group, Inc. provides excellent customer service and expertise in Agricultural Investments, Custom/Contract Farming, Farm Management and Land Management. We work with individual, corporate, institutional and agency clients when they want to buy, sell, manage and invest in agricultural or farmland real estate.

At Natural Resources Group, Inc., your farm or ranch’s productivity is a priority to us! We provide a range of services, from customized management and consulting services for landowners and farmers, to custom & contract farming and ranch operations. Whether you have a cattle ranch, timber, row and field crops (e.g., cotton, tomatoes, alfalfa hay, corn, wheat, beans, melons, grains and grass hay), or permanent crops (e.g., wine, table or raisin grapes, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, olives, prunes, stone fruit or citrus), Natural Resources Group, Inc. can implement the proper operations and personnel to meet your needs and maximize your returns. 

If you are ready to invest in agricultural properties or currently own agricultural property, but don’t want manage day-to-day operations, call us:


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Since 1977, Natural Resources Group, Inc., through its subsidiary Agriculture Industries Inc., has been providing its clients with excellent customer service and expertise in Farm Management and Real Estate Brokerage.  You can learn more about Agriculture Industries, here.

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