Natural Resources Group, Inc.

Fresno County - Upland Species/Vernal Pools - USFWS/CDFW
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Natural Resources Group, Inc. is developing mitigation and conservation projects throughout California and the southwest.  Resources include sensitive species, sensitive habitats, wetlands and farmland.  Please Contact Us to discuss the projects we have in development or so we can begin to craft your custom mitigation solution.

Wings Landing Restoration Project

Solano County - Tidal Marsh Restoration

New Projects in development

Mitigation/Conservation Projects


Natural Resources Group, Inc. develops the highest quality mitigation and conservation banks and custom mitigation projects to fulfill our clients regulatory requirements, economically and expeditiously.  These projects are developed using internal assets or with landowner partners who are interested in realizing value in their unique land assets. 

Natural Resources Group, Inc. also provides highly-specialized and narrowly-focused consulting for select clients. We work directly with project proponents or strategically partner with respected consulting firms to deliver economical, comprehensive solutions and improve profitability through efficient, successful and streamlined environmental mitigation solutions.

Natural Resources Group, Inc. is inspired by the desire to create three things:

  1. Lasting Conservation Projects
  2. Elegant Mitigation Solutions for Complex Mitigation Requirements
  3. Maximized Value of Ecological and Financial Investments

When you are ready for a better way to get your mitigation accomplished, call us:


Alkali Sink Conservation Bank

Mitigation & Conservation